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Setting up an electrical system doesn't need to be a complicated business. With a little bit of research and learning, you can master some simple electrical jobs which you can complete around your property. While I'm not an electrical expert, I do have a passion for this subject which has driven me on to learn all I can about wiring, socket installation, fault finding, and electrical renovations. I have sought out as many good sources both online and offline so I can educate myself and my readers about working electrical systems. Thank you for stopping by and checking out this site!



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Electrical Problems: 3 Instances When You Need Professional Appliance Repairs

Appliances are exceptional pieces of technology that make tasks around your home easier. Refrigerators, washing machines and electric stoves are some of the most popular major appliances in homes. However, regular use means that they suffer wear and tear or performance deterioration. Malfunctioning home appliances are less reliable and are more likely to stop working when you need them to.

Minor problems such as removing a blockage are easy fixes. But major issues require professional help. Here are three problem scenarios with the major appliances that are best left to professional appliance service companies.

Your Refrigerator Runs All the Time

Your refrigerator maintains a constant cold temperature by producing and distributing cold air inside. As it operates, the refrigerator kicks on a cycle every few minutes. If the unit does not shut off and keeps humming all day, you have a problem. Dirty condenser coils might be responsible. Other potential issues may be a faulty condenser fan motor, evaporator fan motor or a worn door gasket. Call in an appliance repair expert so you can get a proper diagnosis of the problem. These experts can also access original replacement parts that help extend the lifespan of your refrigerator. 

Your Washing Machine Requires Special Electrical Hook-Ups

The outlet for your washing machine must be installed away from the drain hose and water lines. Having the outlet somewhere above the unit makes it convenient to unplug without pulling it from a wall. You also require professional help to install a safety switch or Residual Current Device (RCD). The RCD is critical when you have electric appliances near sources of water in your older home. RCD reduces the risk of fire and electrocution by tripping in case electric cables get wet or are accidentally cut. The device is especially required if you have a sink within six feet of your washing machine.

Your Electric Stove Has A Burned-Out Element 

Each stove burner element has its switch. Once you turn the switch selector to your preferred setting, the switch lets voltage travel to the element. The element then closes the circuit, and it becomes hot. A burned element does not heat. Since stoves use a lot of electricity to operate, leave the testing and replacement of a burned-out element to the experts. 

It's tempting to try and save some money by troubleshooting and doing your own repairs. But appliance malfunctions have the potential to become life-threatening situations. Professional appliance repairs can save you from purchasing a new unit or even save a life. 

If you need help with appliance repairs, contact a local electrician or appliance repair professional.