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The Benefits Of Installing LED Lighting In Your New Kitchen Extension

Constructing a kitchen extension on your property can be a great way to expand your available food preparation space without going to the time, trouble and massive expense of moving home. However, the newly added space in your kitchen must be as well lit as your existing kitchen to ensure safety and visibility. With so many different types of light fittings to choose from, choosing the best types of lights for your kitchen extension can be challenging.

LED lighting has become extremely popular in a wide variety of applications, and LED light fittings are particularly useful for new kitchen extensions. These unique and thoroughly modern light fittings have a number of advantages over conventional incandescent or fluorescent lights that make them ideal for use in any kitchen extension.

What are the advantages of installing LED lighting in your new kitchen extension?

Highly energy efficient

LEDs are exceptionally energy efficient, and a single LED kitchen light fitting can create as much light as a regular fluorescent or incandescent fitting using a fraction of the power. As such, LED light fittings are extremely cheap to run. While they are more expensive to purchase than conventional fittings, they will pay for themselves very quickly by saving you a significant amount on your monthly energy bills. This efficiency also makes LEDS very eco-friendly, making them very suitable for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Low heat output

Most types of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs (including many cheaper energy-efficient models) produce more heat than light, which can cause damage to ceilings and walls if you don't protect them with heat shields (which aren't always included in light fittings). By comparison, LEDs produce very little heat, even when left on for prolonged periods of time. Choosing LED lights ensures that any walls and ceilings near your fittings stay undamaged, and it will also prevent your kitchen from heating up too quickly during the summer months.

Very reliable

When it comes to long-term reliability, LEDs lights trounce every other type of light on the market. A single LED light fitting can last for several thousand hours of continuous, high-intensity use without burning out. This means you may never have to replace a single LED bulb in your kitchen, which benefits both the environment and your bank balance.

Non-toxic and easily recycled

Fluorescent lights cannot be recycled, as they contain quantities of toxic mercury that can cause widespread contamination. Incandescent bulbs are not toxic, but their thin glass and delicate filaments are difficult and expensive to recycle, so many recycling centres will not accept them.

LED lights do not contain any toxic materials or chemicals, and they are very simple mechanically. This allows them to be recycled very easily when they reach the end of their (long) working lives. Combine this with their lower power usage and reliability, and LEDs are by far the most environmentally friendly lighting you can choose for your new kitchen extension.

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